Athletes or coaches looking for a student visa in Spain, meet Spaneasy Learning.

Study and live at the heart of Madrid. Get to know the Spanish culture. Learn Spanish while traveling.

Spaneasy Learning is more than a Spanish academy. Located in the heart of Madrid, Spaneasy is committed to helping students live a real Spanish experience, and make of Spain their new home.

Spaneasy offers different Spanish courses depending on each student’s needs. They also provide various options for accommodation, and plan for their students a variety of activities that are true to the Spanish culture.

Furthermore, if you’ve just moved to Spain, Spaneasy can get you a student visa while you are enrolled in one of their programs. The Spanish student visa allows you to study, work part time (up to 20 hours a week), and extend your stay in Madrid for as long as you are registered in a class.

This can be extremely helpful, especially, for athletes that are moving to Spain. If you are located in the Madrid area, enrolling in Spaneasy can prove to be beneficial for you in several ways.

Firstly, there are students from all over the world enrolled in Spaneasy, so you will never feel alone. Some of the activities you could find yourself partaking in include Spanish cooking classes, attending musicals and theatre, hiking trips, flamenco shows, and group travel to places such as the Canary Islands, Seville, and Valencia.

If you are thinking of moving to another country due to your sport, there’s a chance you have struggled a bit in putting all of the pieces together. One of the most difficult matters to figure out is the visa situation.

For many athletes that are playing semi-professionally, for example, the reality is you may not be getting paid that much and need another means of income.

But how can you work in another country without a visa? Well, this is where Spaneasy comes in. As mentioned above, the academy helps you find accommodation free of charge, and assist with all other general inquiries you may have about your move.

Inusports had the chance to meet with Spaneasy in their Madrid offices and after talking, we were all excited about the possibilities that could arise for student-athletes looking to move to Spain.

For more information, visit Spaneasy at We hope that with this blog post we have answered some questions for students and athletes that are looking to move to a different country.



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