About us

Founded by a collective of athletes from various corners of the globe, Inusports looks to revolutionize the sports industry by creating more opportunity and making this industry more connected.

Our story begins a few years ago playing intercollegiate athletics in the U.S.A. After struggling to advance our careers and witnessing some flaws in the system, we set out to create a solution that would benefit both the athlete and the recruiter.

We strongly believe that there is talent everywhere in the world, but due to an inequity of resources not every athlete has a chance of being discovered.

At Inusports, we value passion, diversity, and leadership. We are dreamers, who have had a love for sports since a young age and are not quite ready to give up on what matters most to us. We believe that connections and politics should not be more important than raw talent. And that favouritism kills the game.

We are hopeful that our platform will inspire all sports enthusiasts to protect their dream, and to keep the fire inside them alive.